✔ Incident Resolved – Lempod Availability – September 2, 2021

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Bug fixed. Post engagements were not affected by this bug.

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Last Updated on 3 September 2021 by Lempod

September 2, 2021
12.10pm UTC

Lempod is intermittently unavailable.

This is under investigation.

12:26pm UTC

A fix is in place, we are monitoring for stability. Some posts were delayed by up to an hour.

1:20pm UTC

Made some improvements to server monitoring and management.

2:45pm UTC

Stability issues are occurring again. Investigating. Post engagements are not being affected by this issue.

3:01pm UTC

A bug has been discovered that causes application crashes whenever the Chrome extension requests an update for the notification badge. This only affects the Lempod site and does not affect post engagements.

However, some users who were drafting a post may experience data corruption. We recommend deleting your post engagements and re-creating them. (Update: We are aware of one user who experienced data corruption since the server crashed at the exact moment that they clicked the Begin Post Engagement button).

The fix has been completed and is in the process of being deployed to production.

3:22pm UTC

A code update has been deployed. We are monitoring the app closely.

5:21pm UTC

Working well.

Incident resolved.

September 3, 2021
1:23am UTC

The PIR (Post-Incident-Review) results are in. More info on the bug: it caused a server crash only when the time left to engage a new post was 1 hour and the Chrome extension requestd an update for the notification badge.

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