✔ Incident Resolved – Unable to Change Payment Card – September 2, 2021

A payment card bug introduced on August 12 has been fixed.

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Last Updated on 3 September 2021 by Lempod

September 1, 2021
4:00am UTC

There is an issue with credit cards.

This is under investigation

4:46am UTC

The issue has been traced back to a bug that was introduced on August 12 (Allow customer to remove credit card details).

The issue has been assigned to a developer.

September 2, 2021
2:00am UTC

It was discovered that when a payment card is updated, our payment provider adds the new card, then removes the old one. However, our billing system reacts as if the new card is removed.

We are continuing to work on this issue.

2.13pm UTC

Code update complete. Testing has commenced.

2.24pm UTC

Testing complete.

3:28pm UTC

The update has been deployed to production, and validated.

3:32pm UTC

Incident resolved.

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