What is CFBR? Commenting For Better Reach Explained

What is CFBR
What is the meaning of CFBR on LinkedIn? Discover the commenting for better reach hack to maximize your outreach efforts on LinkedIn.

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Last Updated on 26 February 2024 by Lyn Sy

CFBR in LinkedIn stands for “Commenting For Better Reach”. It has become a popular strategy on LinkedIn for users aiming to boost their posts’ reach and visibility organically. With the LinkedIn algorithm prioritizing engaging content for wider reach, this engagement hack has become a simple yet effective method to organically boost post visibility and increase the likelihood of your content reaching your followers’ feeds.


How did CFBR Start?

CFBR started during the time of massive layoffs from technology companies and startups in late 2022.  As more and more tech professionals turn to the LinkedIn platform to look for job opportunities, job seekers realize the power of comments in boosting their posts’ reach. 

“Like, share, and comment for better reach”, “CFBR”, and short comments like “reach+++” with several plus signs at the end became a code for  “plea for help” among professionals significantly affected by the layoffs. This commenting strategy helped both the commenter and the original poster in amplifying the visibility of their posts in the users’ feeds.

But “commenting for better reach” is quite long to type, hence, the shorter term, hashtag “CFBR”.

Does engaging in this type of LinkedIn engagement strategy work? Doesn’t it sound quite spammy?

Let’s find out the impact of commenting on LinkedIn posts on your success on this professional platform.

Why You Should Try CFBR?

CFBR or commenting for better reach

As mentioned previously, social media algorithms, especially on platforms like LinkedIn, favor highly engaging content. When a post garners a substantial number of comments within a few minutes of publishing, it signals the algorithm about its engagement level and quality. Consequently, the algorithm is more inclined to showcase such posts to a broader audience. This expanded visibility allows for better outreach to your intended audience, providing increased opportunities to attract views and followers to your content.

However, with nearly a billion users on LinkedIn, standing out on this platform is like finding a needle in a haystack. Rather than just passively waiting to get noticed for comments to come in, it is essential that you actively leave meaningful comments on other users’ posts. While it may seem time-consuming, there are numerous advantages to engaging with other users’ content.  Let me tell you the remarkable benefits you can get by simply commenting on LinkedIn posts. 

Benefits of Commenting For Better Reach

  1. Position Yourself as a Thought-Leader

Commenting on LinkedIn posts allows you to share your knowledge and expertise in your field. By consistently leaving valuable comments on others’ posts, you are establishing yourself as credible and a thought leader in your industry leading others to check out your LinkedIn profile and engage with your content in return. 

  1. Get More Connections on LinkedIn

Leaving insightful comments on posts targeting your similar target audience helps you connect with the other professionals in your industry. Your valuable comments can effectively initiate discussions and establish a connection between you and the other post commenters. These connections can lead to new opportunities and possible collaborations later on. 

  1. Amplify Your Profile Visibility

When you leave valuable and thoughtful comments on others’ posts, you increase your chances of getting noticed on the platform. Think about it. If you consistently comment on accounts with large followings, like those popular LinkedIn Top Voices, chances are their followers may notice you, check your LinkedIn profile, and possibly engage with your content as well. 

  1. Boost Your Post Engagement

Engaging with posts through comments sparks vibrant conversation, cultivating new perspectives, ideas, and insights. When you actively join discussions, your comments contribute value and stimulate interaction. This exchange of ideas, as long as they are meaningful and valuable, helps nurture relationships and boost engagement fostering a sense of community within your network.  

result of cfbr strategy in linkedin
  1. Promote Job Openings

For recruiters engaging in CFBR, they increase the chances of their job posts being promoted and shared by others. Valuable comments from recruiters capture the attention of potential candidates leading them to explore the job listing for application. Additionally, leaving meaningful comments and engaging in professional discussions build the credibility of the company they represent, increasing their chances of getting noticed by potential candidates. 

  1. Increased Connections for Job Seekers

For job seekers, leaving insightful comments can attract the attention of recruiters encouraging them to visit the potential candidate’s profile for possible application invite for the job post. Who would not be interested in reaching out to a potential candidate who showcases his/her knowledge and skills through meaningful comments and a unique perspective about their industry? Undoubtedly, commenting for better reach is a very powerful LinkedIn strategy to proactively demonstrate to recruiters your qualifications and suitability for the job role. 

Factors Affecting the CFBR Success

Given that commenting on others’ LinkedIn posts can effectively amplify your visibility on LinkedIn, it does not guarantee that this is always the case. The success of this growth hack still depends on several factors.

  1. Insightful and Well-Crafted Comments

As with any social media platform, simply commenting #CFBR or anyone or two-word phrases like “Nice work”, or “Totally amazing”, etc still won’t count your post as “engaging”. Commenting spammy phrases can do more harm than good on your account if this is your commenting style. Social media works around community standards where ultimately, the goal is to foster positive connections through meaningful conversations that are beneficial for the users. Having said this, the LinkedIn comments that count are thoughtful and meaningful comments that encourage healthy and insightful discussions. Commenting for better reach in its essence is giving out valuable information to your potential connections.

  1. Engaging Comments

It is also important to note that engaging comments means stirring interest among your target audience. An effective comment should ignite a meaningful conversation. This could be a challenging question to a post, a clarification, or an interesting statement. It should be concise but value-packed so as not to waste the time of the reader. Engaging comments could also establish you as a knowledgeable and an expert in your field. 

  1. Relevant Posts

Commenting for better reach would not be as effective if you are commenting on posts that are completely irrelevant to your field or industry. Better reach does not only mean “increased views” in terms of statistics. You can have thousands of views but it is completely meaningless to you or your brand if your viewers have zero interest in whatever product or service you are offering. 

Supercharge your Commenting Strategy with Lempod

To gain visibility on your LinkedIn profile, active engagement is crucial. This entails engaging with others by liking and sharing insightful comments on their posts. Since a post’s initial traction determines its visibility, focusing on commenting on freshly posted content is essential. However, doing this over and over for multiple LinkedIn posts can be time-consuming, diverting your attention from the more important aspects of your business or career. 

To save you time and to help you get the commenting strategy to organically grow your reach on LinkedIn, we created lempod. It is a LinkedIn automation tool that would automatically (but safely) like and comment on posts for you. 

lempod linkedin engagement tool

100% Support from Engagement Pods

This LinkedIn growth-hacking tool is designed to amplify your posts through authentic engagement from your network of followers called engagement pods. Once you download and install the Lempod Chrome extension, you will simply select the relevant pods to your business or industry and they will automatically engage on your selected post based on your post engagement settings.

AI-powered LinkedIn Automation Tool

What’s unique about lempod as a commenting tool is that the comments you post are not generic or spammy. With Lempod’s integration with OpenAI, you can effortlessly select relevant comments from AI-generated suggestions, saving you valuable time composing your own.

Interested to learn more about lempod? Watch it in action here in our Demo Video.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, CFBR, short for Commenting for Better Reach, began during a period of significant layoffs in the tech industry. What started as a plea for support from job seekers on LinkedIn transformed into a powerful engagement strategy for organically boosting your post reach.

Essentially, CFBR lies in its ability to leverage social media algorithms that favor engaging content. By actively engaging with others’ posts and leaving thoughtful comments, professionals aim to amplify the visibility of their content.

While the hashtag CFBR has significantly shortened the message, the effectiveness of this strategy still depends on the quality and relevance of the comments shared. Engaging in meaningful discussions, fostering valuable connections, and positioning oneself as an industry thought leader are the driving forces behind the success of commenting for better reach growth hack on LinkedIn. 

Lempod is an AI-powered LinkedIn automation tool that can help you to improve your reach by 10,20 or 30 times your followers by letting other people automatically comment on your posts if they are in the same pod as you are.


What CFBR means in LinkedIn?

CFBR stands for Commenting For Better Reach. It is a popular engagement strategy on LinkedIn to enhance your post visibility and organically grow your network.

What does ++ mean in LinkedIn comments?

When you see “Reach++” in LinkedIn comments, this means they are commenting for better reach. This is another form of #CFBR.

How can the CFBR strategy grow my network on LinkedIn?

Social Media algorithms, especially platforms like LinkedIn, focus on compelling content for wider reach. This means posts with a substantial number of meaningful comments get a better chance of being pushed to a broader audience. CFBR helps amplify your post’s reach and engagement, fostering organic growth within your LinkedIn network. The good thing about having a large LinkedIn network not only enhances your visibility but also translates into increased LinkedIn connections and business opportunities.

How do I write a CFBR on LinkedIn?

Instead of simply writing hashtag CFBR on LinkedIn comments, it is best to write a thoughtful comment that’s relevant to the post you’re commenting on. Social media algorithm, particularly LinkedIn, favors insightful comments that foster authentic connections among the LinkedIn community.

What exactly is Lempod and how can it benefit my LinkedIn network growth?

Lempod is an AI-powered automation tool trusted by over 80,000 LinkedIn users worldwide. It serves as a highly effective LinkedIn marketing tool, leveraging the power of CFBR strategy to organically enhance your LinkedIn presence.  With lempod, you and your chosen LinkedIn engagement pods collaborate, offering mutual support through likes and insightful comments on each other’s posts.  Notably, lempod seamlessly integrates with OpenAI, ensuring your posts receive unique and tailored comments. Learn more about lempod.

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