13 LinkedIn Marketing Influencers to Follow in 2020

Here are the 12 LinkedIn Marketing Influencers you must follow in 2020 if you want to be the first to see newest insights on trendy topics.

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Last Updated on 27 October 2023 by Lyn Sy

A new year and new challenges are ahead of us. As someone who works in the marketing industry, it’s crucial for us to keep learning and educating ourselves so we can deliver better results.

Learning from LinkedIn marketing experts can help you overcome your struggles and learn something new.

That’s the reason why we prepared for you 18 best LinkedIn marketing influencers you can follow in 2020 and learn a lot of valuable things from them.

Let’s get started!

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LinkedIn Marketing Influencers – take your LinkedIn game on the next level

If you’re looking for LinkedIn marketing experts that will help you do more on LinkedIn itself, then go no further.

Here’re the 2 best LinkedIn Influencers that actually talk about doing marketing on LinkedIn.

Ilya Azovstev – LinkedIn Growth Guru

Ilya is talking a lot about LinkedIn Growth Hacking, Marketing and best tips and tricks you can do on LinkedIn.

His posts are sharing immersive value to all people that want to have a bigger reach and engagement on their LinkedIn posts.

As you can see on the image below, his LinkedIn Marketing Checklist got almost 900 likes and 800 comments:

Make sure to Follow Ilya and be the first to know the newest LinkedIn marketing growth hacks.

Isaac Anderson

Isaac Anderson is another LinkedIn Marketing influencer that talks a lot about using LinkedIn for lead generation.

He doesn’t have big engagement like Ilya, but his posts are straight to the point and valuable.

Houston Golden – One of the best LinkedIn Marketing Influencers

Houston is the CEO of BAMF – legendary Growth agency that was one of the first to preach the terms of growth hacking and that was educating us the most.

I remember my beginning days as a Growth guy – I was sitting in the front of my computer and reading, reading and reading the articles and growth tips BAMF guys were publishing in their communities all the day.

Today – Houston talks a lot about the marketing and growth on his LinkedIn profile, and not following him will only cost you a fortune in the terms of knowledge.

LinkedIn Marketing Experts that Speak about Email Outreach and Cold Emailing

Email outreach and cold emailing are one of the most important parts of every business – thus – following LinkedIn marketing experts in these fields is a must for all of you who are looking for the fresh tips and insights.

Here’re the two best LinkedIn Marketing Email experts you should follow on LinkedIn:

Guillaume Moubeche – Founder of the most innovative email outreach software

Guillaume Moubeche isn’t just a founder of lemlist – one of the most innovative email outreach tools that enable you sending emails with personalized images and landing pages, but he also takes a lot of his time to educate people on LinkedIn about the email marketing in general.

He’s publishing a couple of LinkedIn videos every week.

His LinkedIn content is innovative, educational and funny at the same time.

Vukasin Vukosavljevic – writes a lot about email marketing

Since Guillaume talks both about entrepreneurship and email outreach at the same time, Vukasin talks only about the email outreach.

He’s a LinkedIn marketing influencer for people who want to:

  • Find backlinks
  • Get PR opportunities
  • Find more leads

And all of this through email outreach.

LinkedIn Marketing SEO Experts

SEO is an inevitable part of every digital marketing strategy – thus – following LinkedIn marketing experts that speak about SEO and content marketing can be pretty valuable for you.

Here’re the best of the bests of LinkedIn marketing influencers that speaks about the SEO and content:

If you don’t know who is Brian Dean, then you probably should probably dig a little bit more into the Backlinks and SEO itself.

Brian Dean is a founder of Backlinko – online blog and agency that talks a lot about SEO and Backlinks.

But, his blog is not the only place where he shares his insights and expertise. He’s also doing that on LinkedIn as well:

If you want to learn more about the backlinks and SEO in general, make sure to follow Brian Dean.

Rand Fishkin – SEO guru

Rand Fishkin is probably one of the most popular LinkedIn marketing influencers that speak about SEO in general.

His posts are unique with in-depth and actionable information you can take for improving your SEO and rankings.

Even more, all of his LinkedIn posts are original with custom-made researches and data.

LinkedIn Marketing Experts that Speak About Entrepreneurship

If you’re looking for some motivational LinkedIn marketing experts that are covering a lot about entrepreneurship and speaking about their entrepreneurial journey, then look no further.

Here’re the most influential persons on LinkedIn that can inspire you to do big things.

Adi Suja – one of the most inspiring Growth Hackers of all time

Adi Suja comes from India, and he’s a founder of one Growth Hacking agency.

His LinkedIn posts are stunning, motivational and inspirational. He talks a lot about his entrepreneurial journey – his obstacles, hard times and wins.

Thus, Adi Suja is an excellent LinkedIn marketing influencer you should follow if you’re having a hard time or if you just need a little spark of motivation to keep things rolling.

Make sure to follow Adi for more inspirational content.

Noah Cagan – biggest Sumo of our time

Noah Cagan is a founder of Sumo – and with right – he can we recognized as one of the best LinkedIn Marketing influencers.

The things he did to scale Sumo are amazing – and, guess what!

He’s sharing his struggles with his LinkedIn community.

So make sure to follow him right away.

LinkedIn Marketing Influencers that will teach you more about the Product Marketing

Just like Growth Hacking was a hype a couple of years ago, the new hype is around Product Marketing and Product-Led Growth.

It actually speaks about the power of the product in the marketing campaigns and how to leverage that power to get more leads and customers.

If you’re new in this or if you’re working as the product marketing expert in some company, then you should definitely follow these LinkedIn marketing experts:

Wes Bush – one of the pioneers of PLG

Wes Bush is a founder of Product Led Institute and one of the pioneers of the Product-Led Growth.

He educates his LinkedIn audience a lot about product marketing and PLG in general. Even more, he’s recording a lot of videos breaking down different user onboarding processes companies can use to onboard and activate more users.

Aazar Ali Shad – The Man Who’s Disrupting the Product Marketing Industry

Aazar Ali Shad writes a lot about product marketing and PLG in general. His contributions are from the crucial importance for all product marketing and user onboarding people out there.

With his LinkedIn audience – he’s sharing a lot of educational and valuable material.

Together with Wes, sometimes, he’s breaking down different user onboarding processes.

As a head of growth at Userpilot, he’s understanding the biggest pains of his target audience and working on the solutions of his problems.

Thus, his LinkedIn profile is one of the main distribution channels he’s using for sharing valuable insights.

Make sure to follow Aazar if you want to learn more about product marketing and user onboarding.

LinkedIn Marketing Influencers you must follow in 2020

For the end, I’m giving you two of the best (and my favourite) LinkedIn Marketing Influencers you should follow in 2020.

Let’s see them

Dave Gerhardt – Man Who’s Bringing Marketing on the Next Level

Dave Gerhardt is the VP of Marketing at Drift, and he’s definitely one of the most influential LinkedIn Marketing Experts.

His LinkedIn Content will blow your mind – and the value he shares is immersive.

Jason Lemkin – LinkedIn Marketing Influencer for SaaS Companies

Jason Lemkin is the founder of SaaStr, and those, he’s one of the most important LinkedIn Marketing Influencers you should follow.

He talks a lot about running a SaaS company, growing it and doing an marketing inside it.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are various LinkedIn Marketing Influencers you should follow in 2020 depending on your industry and your interests.

But, let me ask you a little question.

Would you like to become a LinkedIn influencer?

No, it’s not hard. If you really want to have a big engagement and reach you can definitely have that.

You just need to read our LinkedIn Growth Hacking guide and you will be able to have amazing results – just as I had:

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