How to Post on LinkedIn? 8 Tips for More Views and Bigger Engagement

These 8 tips will not just help you to get more views and bigger engagement, but they're also going to help you with crafting an amazing LinkedIn Content that your audience will love!

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Last Updated on 27 October 2023 by Lyn Sy

LinkedIn can be of the best lead acquisition and marketing collateral channels you can have if you know how to use it right.

As you can see, for us, LinkedIn is the number 1 Social Media acquisition channel, and it can be for you as well.

Everything you need to know is how to post on LinkedIn in a proper way.

And that’s exactly what I’m going to show you today.

So, In this article, we’re going to see 8 tips on how to post on LinkedIn for more views and better engagement.

All of these 8 tips are the results of the researches, experiments and findings we made over the last couple of months.

And all of these tips deliver actionable value and you can use them right after reading this article

So, let’s get started! 🙂

How to post on LinkedIn Tip #1: Break your posts into short paragraphs

No one likes to read long posts.

Me personally, whenever I see that someone wrote a long post in one or eventually two paragraphs, I just scroll down.

Reading that looks painful for me.

On the other hand, long-tail posts with a lot of short paragraphs are easier to read and they’re mobile friendly.

That means that people who’re scrolling through LinkedIn from mobile phones will be happy to read your posts since it will be much easier for them.

Let’s compare these two types of posts:

Will this post prompt you to read it?

Of course not. Its paragraphs are long and boring – not to mention that including so many hashtags in the post itself looks overwhelming.

On the other hand, here’s an example of how to post on LinkedIn with a lot of short paragraphs:

As you can see, this LinkedIn post is divided into a lot of paragraphs. This makes post engaging and easy to read.

Not to mention that this is one of the things that helped Ilya got almost 850 likes and almost 750 comments on this post.

Pretty amazing, right?

Now you see the real value of short paragraphs.

Key takeaway: Whenever you’re writing long LinkedIn posts, make sure to divide them into a lot of short paragraphs. It makes them easy to read, engaging and mobile-friendly.

How to post on LinkedIn Tip #2: Start with a mind-blowing first line

This is something that a lot of people underestimate. Your first line is the moment when your LinkedIn audience is deciding whether they will or not continue with reading your post.

It’s the same as the headings for articles.

In LinkedIn’s case, the more “mind-blowing” your first line is – the better.

You need to choose a sentence that will engage your readers and make them click: “see more”.

Here’re some examples of it:

Do you see how engaging these lines are?

Here’re 50 starting lines you can use to write an engaging LinkedIn post:

  1. “I got fired.”
  2. “I quit.”
  3. “I turned down [x] dollars”
  4. “I lost everything.”
  5. “I lost [x] dollars.”
  6. “I gave up.”
  7. “We were on the brink of failure.”
  8. “It was over.”
  9. “My time was up.”
  10. “My hands were shaking.”
  11. “I couldn’t believe it.”
  12. “I wanted to cry.”
  13. “There had to be another way.”
  14. “I clenched my fist.”
  15. “I grit my teeth.”
  16. “Someone has to say this”
  17. “I want to be honest for a second”
  18. “I have to talk about this.”
  19. “I hated it.”
  20. “I ended the partnership.”
  21. “They said no.”
  22. “I never heard back from them.”
  23. “They laughed at me.”
  24. “It hurt.”
  25. “It sucked.”
  26. “I want to be real for a second.”
  27. “It kills me to say this.”
  28. “He/She didn’t even look at me.”
  29. “I wanted it to be true.”
  30. “I lost control.”
  31. “I wanted more.”
  32. “I couldn’t see it.”
  33. “It hurts to say this.”
  34. “I wish I didn’t have to say this.”
  35. “I wanted to stop.”
  36. “I couldn’t stop.”
  37. “I broke down.”
  38. “I couldn’t handle it.”
  39. “It felt like a punch to the gut.”
  40. “I tried.”
  41. “I put everything I had into it.”
  42. “I couldn’t stand it”
  43. “I had to leave.”
  44. “I couldn’t handle it.”
  45. “They laughed at me.”
  46. “They stepped all over me.”
  47. “It was brutal.”
  48. “They forced me to do it.”
  49. “They outsourced my job.”
  50. “They told me to pick up my things and leave.”

Key takeaway: Instead of boring beginnings, start with something that’s interesting and engaging.

How to post on LinkedIn Tip #3: Use the “hidden text”

This tip on how to post on LinkedIn works pretty well with the previous one.

You can leverage the power of mind-blowing starting line with the hidden text.

In short, “hidden text” is when you, as the reader, can’t see anything except the first line.

It can be really powerful for engaging people to continue reading your post.

Here’s how Ilya leveraged the power of that:

As you can see, only the first line is visible if you don’t click “see more”. On the other hand, the first line is soo engaging, so it literally forces people to click on that “see more” button.

To do this, simply put 2-3 blank paragraphs between the first and the second line of your LinkedIn post.

Key takeaway: Use hidden text to force other people to click on the “see more” button and engage with your content.

How to post on LinkedIn Tip #4: Tag relevant people and engage a conversation

Tagging relevant people in your LinkedIn posts can be extremely helpful for your reach and engagement.

Even more, it will force other people to comment on your posts. Don’t forget – comments are more valuable than likes at the beginning.

Here’s how Ilya (again :D) leveraged the power of that:

As you can see, he leveraged the power of tagging other people to get almost 1000 comments and over 900 likes on his post.

Pretty amazing, right?

Key takeaway: Tag relevant people in your posts to improve engagement and get initial engagement in a form of comments.

How to post on LinkedIn Tip #5: Record videos, presentations and educative materials

Videos and presentations can be a great way of building influence in your niche and industry.

Pedro Cortes does this in a great way. He’s a communication and positioning specialist – and since this is a relatively new field in marketing, he needed to educate his target audience about this before signing up more clients.

Here’s how his LinkedIn posts look like:

You can also educate your target audience about the other things that are relevant to you and their problems.

For example, while working for lemtalk, I used to build my authority by talking about other relevant Slack apps.

Here’s how it looked like:

To add upon all of this – videos are far more engaging than pictures or relevant posts. No one likes to read – but listening is something else.

Key takeaway: Record presentations and videos of yourself while educating your target audience about the common pain problems they can face with and the solutions.

How to post on LinkedIn Tip #6: Offer something in exchange for the comment

This is one of our most favourite LinkedIn Growth Hacking techniques for acquiring more views and better engagement.

Whenever we have to launch something BIG, we’re using a “comment and get” method.

In other words, it works like this:

We will offer you an amazing guide that will solve all of your problems, but in exchange, you need to comment on this post with “guide”.

As we already mentioned – comments are far more meaningful than likes – and thus – you can expect to skyrocket your views.

Here’s how I got almost 100.000 views while distributing one of our articles:

Do you see? I don’t want to brag, but with the help of almost 700 comments, I got a reach of almost 100.000 people – which is pretty great for someone who has barely 2000 connections.

Kaloyan Yankulov from Encharge also managed, by using LinkedIn and lempod to get big engagement and over 3000 email subscribers while offering something for free.

Key takeaway: For getting a HUGE reach, try using the “comment and get” method. Offer something that other people would like to read, and in the exchange, ask them to comment on your post.

How to post on LinkedIn Tip #7: Talk about your personal life and experiences

LinkedIn is not just the platform about the work, workplaces, job offerings, product promotion and bragging. It’s much more than that.

LinkedIn is not just the HR platform anymore.

Sometimes, talking about your personal life and day can help you build a big influence in your target industry.

You can see some of our LinkedIn content ideas for more inspiration.

Let’s take a look at one of my favourite LinkedIn posts I’ve ever seen:

Dave is the VP of Marketing at Drift – and he’s LinkedIn content strategy is amazing. As you can see, he’s publishing a lot of personal things – and he gets a super big engagement.

You should definitely follow him and other LinkedIn Marketing Influencers.

Key takeaway: Occasionally, write about your personal life – it brings up the human element in front – and your LinkedIn audience will just love it 🙂

How to post on LinkedIn Tip #8: Boost your initial engagement

The more initial engagement (likes and comments) you have in the first 30 minutes to 1 hour after publishing your article – the LinkedIn algorithm will place you higher and show your post to more people.

It’s a simple thing.

But, you can get your initial engagement in two different ways:

  1. If you have a massive following (i.e. 10.000+ followers), a lot of people will naturally see your post at the beginning and thus you will have more chances for getting some initial engagement
  2. By using some of the LinkedIn Engagement Pods.

LinkedIn Engagement pods are the groups of people with similar interests and audiences like you, that help each other get better reach by commenting and liking each other’s posts.

But, the common problem with engagement pods is that it takes a lot of time to like and comment on all the posts.

That’s the reason why we built lempod – online LinkedIn marketing tool for boosting your engagement.

When you join some pod, all of the pod members will automatically like and comment on your posts.

On this way – you will be able to get a big initial engagement and boost your number of views.

Depending on the number of pods you’re part of, you can get 50 – 1000 likes and comments.

And boosting your LinkedIn posts with lempod is super simple.

Fortunately – there’re a couple of pods where you can join straight away!

I’m going to give you a couple of secret codes to join some of the greatest LinkedIn engagement pods.

Here’re the pods that can help you get better reach and engagement on LinkedIn:

SaaS Haven – All things SaaS 🚀 – The secret code is: 6129

Growth Hackers – Worldwide 🌍 – The secret code is: 6031

High-level Marketing Club 👑 – The secret code is: 1042

Startup Factory – Achieve Fast Startup Growth 🚀 – The secret code is: 3348

The HR Mastermind – Everything about Human Resources 🤓 – The secret code is: 4763

The Bottom Line

How to post on LinkedIn isn’t an obstacle anymore. As you can see, we outlined 8 best LinkedIn Tips that will help you get a bigger reach and engagement.

The only question is, what tip are you going to use the first?

If you want to get bigger reach and engagement on the fastest way as possible, don’t hesitate to install lempod right now and become influential in your industry.

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