We tested 5 different post types on Linkedin – here is what we found [RESULTS INSIDE]

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Last Updated on 28 August 2021 by Lempod

In this article I’m going to show you how to promote your blog articles (or any other preferred content) on Linkedin to gain maximum.

In fact, this strategy has helped me gain x4 views on my linkedin posts so today you are going to see one of my favourite strategies in action.

Ready? Let’s dive right in.


If you are creating content on Linkedin, I’m almost sure you think you know what type of content works better for you.

To confirm this I decided to ask other Linkedin Growth Hackers in our community what types of posts on Linkedin they prefer and here are the results:

As expected, I saw that there is no right or wrong way to publish, but at the same time everyone has its own preferred type.

And it’s all logical: we are all unique and what works for someone can not work for others.

So, should we always stick to that one exact type of post?

And if not, how to predict what type of post will bring better results in advance?

My answer is: you don’t have to predict, you have to repurpose content!

There is no magic, but this is the strategy that we use all the time and that helps us to squeeze the maximum from our content.

By using this strategy you won’t waste loots of time analyzing your previous distribution attempts and trying to predict what type of post is better to use this time – you will use all options and receive more!

So if you are still not doing this – it’s high time to start 🙂

As a little push for you, I decided to run a test where I will create 5 different types of posts from 1 piece of content and then will show you real results that can also be achieved by you if you decide to follow our strategy.

For the test, I took my fresh article on Linkedin Analytics for personal profiles where I reveal my success formula on how to become a content creator on Linkedin and not fail (if it’s also relevant for you – take a look at it here).

But before we start – a short overview of my main strategy for this test:

So, my content plan for this test was looking that way:
– 1 article
– 5 days
– 5 different types of content

Also, I decided to adjust every post to some well-known strategies and hacks to receive more views. So depending on the post type, every post will differ a little in order to gain better results.

Additionally, to increase my Linkedin post reach I will promote all my 5 posts with lempod – our magic tool to boost your Linkedin marketing efforts.

This is how it works:

  1. You join relevant pods (we have thousands of pods so I’m sure you will find pods on your interests)
  2. You add your LinkedIn post to pods you’ve chosen
  3. And voila, you start receiving likes and comments under your post and gaining more views

Everything is automated: you just add the post and we do all the rest.

And that’s pretty much it.

So now, if you are ready to check results – let’s start from the first post type.

Post type #1: Plain text

This is the type of post that actually consists of only plain text without any multimedia.

I decided to start from it cause it’s the most simple and the most time-saving type, so the only thing you have to think about is how to attract attention to it from the very beginning.

My strategy:

  • Use an engaging first line
  • Use a hidden text
  • Make readers click on “See more”

This is how my post looked in a reader’s feed:

Linkedin post type: Plain text

And this is what readers saw if they click on the “See more”:

As you can see in a hidden text I’ve:

  1. mentioned that the article lind is in a first comment (in order not to reduce reduce reach by having the link in a post)
  2. asked my readers to leave “Keep rocking!” comment to maximize engagement

My post results for now:

Likes: 610
Shares: 1
Comments: 46

This is my favorite one ❤️

Views: 8262 so far and still rising

Insights on whom I reached with my post:

Not bad right?

Let’s see the results of my 2nd post further.

Post type #2: Text with image

Day 2 and it’s time for text with image.

Actually, this is the most typical post type that you can see on Linkedin.

And my survey on our Linkedin Growth Hackers Group also confirmed that this type works the best for the biggest number of users.

So, let’s check how it worked for me 🙂

My strategy:

  • Use an attractive image with a large text to attract attention
  • Show the link in the visible part of the post
  • Link to comment with the article link (will explain the idea below)

So, this is how my post looked in a feed:

Linkedin post type: Text with image

And here is the full post with the link to my article in the comment:

We all know that a direct link to an outer website can reduce the number of post views.

But I really wanted to put the link in a visible part – so I decided to use another method:

  1. I added my article link in a first comment
  2. And copied the link to my comment and added this link to my post.

Sounds a bit hard, but actually it’s simple and worked good 😃.

My post results for now:

Likes: 551
Comments: 47
Views: 6573

Insights on whom I reached with my post:

As you can see I received less views than on a post with plain text, but note that my idea was to drive traffic.

Post type #3: Text with gif

Day 3 and it’s time to test text with GIF.

Actually, right now it’s my favourite type 🙂

It’s almost as easy as text with an image, but with gif I’m able to attract much more attention and show some value of the post I’m going to promote (if the goal of the post is to attract traffic and generate leads).

So, let’s check how it worked for me this time.

My strategy:

  • Use compelling first line to attract attention
  • Break post into short paragraphs
  • Tell a story
  • Inspire readers
  • Use the “comment and get” method

This is how my post looked in a feed:

Linkedin post type: Text with GIF

And here is the full post to get the whole idea:

As expected this post worked the best and I reached 2nd and 3rd connections that were interested in my article and left their comments under the post.

Post results for now:

Likes: 653
Comments: 98
Number of members interested to receive the article: 50+ (comments under the post + article mention in connection requests)
Views: 9082

Whom I reached with my post:

Tools you can use to create a similar post:
GIPHY Capture to record your screen in gif format

Post type #4: Text with PDF

Last year Linkedin finally added the ability to upload documents directly to your own feed natively.

These presentations look great and the best part is that other people can now read, comment, and engage with your post without any need to leave it.

It’s really cool!

One more thing to consider: this feature is relatively new so there is a chance (like with other new features) that Linkedin also boosts such posts that include presentations.

So I was really wondering how it will work for me.

My strategy:

  • Use bold to highlight the text and attract attention
  • Note that the link to a guide is in 1st comment in a visible part of the post

And this is how my post looked in a feed:

Linkedin post type: Text with presentation

I decided to keep this post short and just see how my presentation will work.

So actually under “see more” I had only hashtags, but I decided to use them to still have this “See more” option in my post to gain more engagement from readers if they decide to click on it.

If you want to check the full presentation from the post – here is the link.

Post results for now:

Likes: 521
Comments: 45
Share: 1
Views: 6970

Who I reached with my post:

Tools you can use to create a similar post:
Bold text generator for text formatting
Canva to create presentations

Post type #5: Text with video

Day 5: my last day and my last type of content – text with video.

In order not to spend lots of time on video creation, I decided to just create a video from my pdf presentation and check how it will differ from other types.

My strategy:

  • Use an engaging first line
  • Attract readers and make then click on “See more”
  • Use the “comment and get” method
  • Ask to send a connection request

This is how my post looked in a reader’s feed:

Linkedin post type: text with video

And here is the full post to get the whole idea:

If you are interested to see the whole video – you can check my post here.

Post results for now:

Likes: 553
Comments: 68
Number of members interested to receive the article: 20+ (comments under the post + article mention in connection requests)
Video views: 1367

Whom I reached with my post:

Tools you can use to create a similar post:
Bold text generator for text formatting
Canva to create video from your presentation

The overall results and a bottom line

So, it’s day 6, my test is finished and I’m ready to share the overall results of it.

It took me 5 days and at the time of publication of this article I have:

  • 151 new connection requests (and I believe I will receive more)
  • 200 new followers
  • 32 000+ views of 4 posts (and still rising)
  • 1 550 views of my video in 5th post (note: Linkedin counts only views of at least 3 seconds)
  • 150 traffic to my article on Linkedin Analytics to our blog (and still growing + I will send my article to 100+ users who left a comment under my “comment and receive” posts)

Aaaaand the best part: all these resulted in new customers to lempod ❤️

To summarize: I spent 5 days and less than 5 hours on my content creation and gained all these results. And I used well-known strategies and simple tools to create my posts.

So my main point is: if I managed to do this – so can you 🙂

Just like this:

  1. Take your piece of content
  2. Create different types of content from it
  3. Distribute all these types of content
  4. Gain more!

So, if you’re ready to start with my strategy right away and use lempod to boost your reach, here’re the pods that are trending now and secret codes to access them easily:

SaaS Haven – All things SaaS 🚀 – The secret code is: 6129

Growth Hackers – Worldwide 🌍 – The secret code is: 6031

High-level Marketing Club 👑 – The secret code is: 1042

Startup Factory – Achieve Fast Startup Growth 🚀 – The secret code is: 3348
The HR Mastermind – Everything about Human Resources 🤓 – The secret code is: 4763

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