How To Increase LinkedIn Followers

So you’ve figured increasing Linkedin followers will expand your network and get you more leads. So, what’s the next step?

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Last Updated on 4 December 2023 by Lyn Sy

So you’ve figured increasing LinkedIn followers will expand your network and get you more leads. So, what’s the next step?

First of all, you’re not alone.

While there is no magic formula, there are many excellent practices and hacks that can help you increase your LinkedIn network.

In this article, I will reveal the best tips and tricks to increase followers on your company page. These tactics can also be used to grow your personal Linkedin network.

Important:If you plan to only read this article without actually implementing the strategies written, it’s best to save time and do something more productive!

But if you’re still reading, we can’t wait to see your feedback!

I prepared a few powerful hacks at the end of the post that will help your brand or your partners’ brands skyrocket the number of Linkedin followers!

So, if you’re ready, let’s get started! 💪🏻‍🚀

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

You’re probably aware of the fact that optimizing your LinkedIn profile can increase your odds of showing up in the LinkedIn search results, similar to a LinkedIn page.

Crafting your LinkedIn profile and company page around terms and keywords that are important to your business will help your visitors clear out who you are and what you do.

First, identify your main keywords. To write a strong About section, use the main keywords writing about:

  • What’s your industry
  • Location
  • Specialties
  • Previous experience

Here’s an example:

After you identify keywords, click the Edit button on your profile to implement those changes in your About section.

Put some work into writing a quality description, so it can help you generate your profile more visits but also followers.

To make good following converts, make sure that the whole of your profile and company page is powerful and optimized, like in the example above.

Optimize your Page for SEO

Did you know that Google displays the beginning of your tagline in search results, helping users find out what your business is about? Use this section smartly to persuade them to visit your company page.

If your about section gets them excited, it will significantly raise your chances to get a new follower.

Here are some ideas to write about in your company page description:

  • Your mission and vision – what you’re striving to create and how
  • Values – who are you, and what do you work
  • What makes your brand different
  • What products and services you provide
  • CTA – “Like our page,” “Visit our website,” etc.., etc.

Just click on Edit Page, and in an Overview segment, you’ll be able to enter a 2000-character description about your company.

The quality of your tagline and description can impact your followers of the company page.

Engage your Employees and Invite Them to Follow

When you create a Linkedln page, you can inform your employees about the page and invite them to follow. Every like and comment on your company page made by your employees will help your posts get greater reach and bring visibility to your page.

To do that, go to your page, and in the upper right corner, click on Admin tools, and then Invite connections.

After you enter your company name in the search bar, you will see your colleagues’ names in the results. Mark all of them and click Invite.

You can also use this option to invite some of your other connections to follow your company’s page.

All of the followers have the power to boost your company’s page posts by engaging with them. After your employees start following your page, you can notify them to engage with it.

Just after you post your content, click on More, and then Notify employees of post.

It will notify your employees to engage with your post and make it more visible to other LinkedIn users.

Teach Your Employees About LinkedIn’s Algorithm

Before you teach how to increase LinkedIn followers, you need to understand LinkedIn’s algorithm. It’s very important.

LinkedIn’s intention is simple:

“Share quality content that people would like to engage with, and help us reach our goal of becoming a quality, content-rich platform.”

If you’re striving to increase your post’s reach to get new followers, you must receive thoughtful comments. These comments will add extra value to your posts, and it will show LinkedIn that your post is of great quality, delivering more people to engage with it.

LinkedIn, at first, shows your post to a limited number of people. If your post gets a decent number of likes, comments, and shares in the first hour, then LinkedIn will make sure to boost your post and show it to more people to help you get better results.

That means that LinkedIn wants to keep people engaging with your content and spend more time on the platform.

Note: Do not use link posts because it gets people off the platform, and LinkedIn doesn’t like that. Use long-format texts, images, carousels, videos, etc.

Add a Follow Button to Your Website

This simple action is a great addition for businesses that are finding ways to increase LinkedIn followers by having a website. Especially if you have a bunch of traffic on your website, LinkedIn Follow button can help you turn them into LinkedIn followers.

You can also set your social media icons to float on your website, so your visitors can click on them every time. Or you can include some CTA message like: “ For more useful content and updates, follow us on LinkedIn.” Tell them what to do, and watch your following grow. 😉

Promote Your Page on Other Social Media Pages

If you’re building a community on multiple social media channels, you can ask your followers to follow your LinkedIn page as well. Give them the link to your LinkedIn page or profile and add an attractive CTA.

I know a lot of people who create their audience on Instagram and Facebook too, and later convert them into LinkedIn followers. For example, you can put Linktree link in your Instagram or Facebook bio to make your audience visit and follow your LinkedIn account.

This can increase your LinkedIn followers and make all of your other community followers come to LinkedIn.

Change the Button on Your Profile to a “Follow” Button

By default, LinkedIn gives your profile a “Connect” button, and every time someone presses it, you receive a new connection request. It’s not bad, but the problem with that option is that you are limited to 30,000 connections.

When you get 30,000 connections, you will get a lot of messages and spam promotions, which can prevent you from seeing some important messages. I believe that you should wisely choose who you want to connect with.

Switching your profile into a Follow profile and not Connect profile, will require LinkedIn users to click the More button and then Connect if they want to go that route.

To do that, click on your image icon in the header and then Settings & Privacy.

It will get you to a settings menu, where you need to click on Visibility, and then Visibility of your LinkedIn activity. Just scroll till the end of the page, and enable the Follow option.

This way, you will get tons of followers, and not everyone will be able to contact you – only people who are serious about collaborating or talking with you will send a connection request.

How to Increase LinkedIn Followers by Posting Consistently

Posting on your Page and personal profile consistently gives you more visibility in the feed and makes it more appealing to other LinkedIn users.

You can use the space of up to 1,300 characters to tell your audience something that you have learned in business or life, by experimenting, etc.

Experimenting with posts and something new that a few people know can help you grow your audience quickly on LinkedIn.

The key to crushing your social media channels has to do with consistency. It’s also ultimately the same for increasing your Linkedin following. To gain momentum and start growing rapidly, you may need to post every day or every other day of the week.

Posting excellent content consistently will not only signal to LinkedIn that your content is valuable, but that other users on the platform will also like it. When you generate momentum, LinkedIn will be more likely to show your post to other people, and you will automatically have a greater reach because you’re a trusted content creator.

Many users appreciate good content and will want to connect and follow that person to stay updated with their content. This strategy is a MUST.

Publish Video Content

Did you know that posting videos directly on LinkedIn performs better than standard posts and videos from YouTube? LinkedIn prefers video content hosted on their platform instead of linking to an external video source, driving their users away.

Many LinkedIn users prefer publishing textual and image content over video content. On the other side, sharing valuable how-to videos with your audience that delivers results can become viral and increase your visibility.

Note: Make sure to use subtitles in your LinkedIn videos, because the audio quality is not always great. Additionally,  and not all users can play audio at every moment, which can ruin the experience.

Give them the possibility to choose, and LinkedIn will reward you.

Create a CTA and Encourage Engagements

Making sure that your post encourages people to comment helps you skyrocket your reach, engagement, and followers instantly.


You’re probably aware of the fact that comments on LinkedIn are more valuable than likes. Encouraging your followers can lead your posts to become viral.

But perhaps, there is an easier and faster solution.

I’m talking about using lempod.

With lempod, all you have to do is post on Linkedin and boost it with lempod.

All you have to do is add your post to a specific lempod group, and other members start engaging with it automatically.

As a result, you can get 10 times bigger reach than the number of your connections. See below what I’ve been able to amount and the number of likes/comments the post received.

Amazing reach and engagement. You can probably imagine how many new followers and connection requests I got from this single post.

Write Meaningful Comments

My favorite thing about writing comments under someone’s post is that you get an opportunity to grab their attention and make a remarkable first impression. Once they’re interested, they’ll most likely visit your profile and potentially send you a message to stay in touch.

Additionally, commenting allows you to display your expertise and promote yourself as a leader in the industry.

Encourage Employees to Engage in LinkedIn Groups

Did you know that there are many wonderful business people in different LinkedIn Groups who enjoy sharing value with their communities? You or your employees can network in those Linkedin groups or build personal brands attracting members to ask further questions, build relationships and follow you on the platform.

You can find a lot of highly engaging conversations and valuable comments about niche topics on Linkedin.

All you have to do is to find the right groups for you. (For example, by searching “SaaS”)

We can see all the groups for that keyword.

When it’s a subject of your company’s matter, you can join and share your thoughts, and create awareness for your brand while bringing value.

Mentioning your company can bring you a lot of new followers if your page is optimized.

Join Engagement Pods

As we discussed earlier, creating content is vital for growing your network, followers, and business in general.

But, remember that it doesn’t matter how great your content on LinkedIn is if no one sees it.

When you start posting content on Linkedin, you need to get initial engagement so LinkedIn can classify your content as awesome and start showing it to a bigger audience.

What’s not so interesting is that there’s no guarantee that it will reach many people. In this situation, pods are extremely helpful. Pods are groups of people who engage automatically on your content after you post it, so it looks natural to LinkedIn and other users.

Currently, lempod is the perfect solution for generating initial engagement on your post.

But, what is lempod?

Lempod is a LinkedIn automation tool that helps you increase your LinkedIn post views to reach an audience up to 10 times bigger with your content than before.

This largest LinkedIn Engagement Pods marketplace helps content creators and businesses automatically support each other’s posts with mutual engagement.

This tool can help you spread your content, so you can automate the whole process of publishing posts and getting great engagement.

To start getting huge engagement with your posts, all you have to do is:

1. Install the lempod chrome extension

2. Join pods according to your niche, or create your pod

3. Start adding your LinkedIn posts to get likes and comments from other lempoders

Once you find the relevant LinkedIn pod for yourself, request to join and wait to get accepted.

You can find awesome, relevant pods in the marketplace or use a secret code that someone gave you.

You just need to post on LinkedIn, add your post to a specific lempod group, and other pod members automatically start engaging with it.

When your post starts being shown to all pod members, as a result, you can get a 10 times bigger reach than the number of your connections.

Just as I did it many times using Lempod:

Using lempod can help you reach millions of people easily by creating quality content and letting Lempod do the rest of the job. Easy as that.

And here comes the BONUS hack.

Let me show you a powerful hack you and your partners can use to skyrocket your Linkedin pages in the next couple of weeks.

Primarily used for B2B companies but can also be used for B2C:

What if there was a way you and your clients/partners could support each other on Linkedin without any manual efforts?


By creating pods in which both you and your partners are, lempod will automate the engagement process, so you won’t have to do anything manually.

Set up your pod and send it to your partners, so everyone can get in and support your growth and their growth also.

After you post something on LinkedIn they will automatically support it, and you will support them too after they post something. WIN-WIN situation! 🔥🔥🔥

All your partners could also use that same pod to invite all of their partners to support them, including you! A great benefit for all of you!


The pricing plan is simple – you pay $9.99 per month per each pod. In case you’re creating your pod to get automatic engagement from your team, it costs $3.99 per month for each member who joins your pod.

lempod pricing

Here are a few awesome pods that we’ve recently created for our newcomers:

SaaS Haven – All things SaaS 🚀 – The secret code is: 6129

Growth Hackers – Worldwide 🌍 – The secret code is: 6031

High-level Marketing Club 👑 – The secret code is: 1042

Startup Factory – Achieve Fast Startup Growth 🚀 – The secret code is: 3348

The HR Mastermind – Everything about Human Resources 🤓 – The secret code is: 4763

If you’re ready to start getting a huge engagement and build your business faster, then download the lempod extension, create an account, use the secret codes above and put your content on fire!🔥🔥🔥

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