8 Best LinkedIn Automation Tools to Grow Your Sales

Tired of getting poor leads? It's time to automate the process make it finally work for you. We've outlined the best tools to increase sales on Linkedin.

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Last Updated on 27 October 2023 by Lyn Sy

Many marketers have a love-hate relationship with their Linkedin automation tools.

The reason is, it’s not always safe or effective.

Despite it, the best marketers know that to be their automation kit is essential to being on top of their game and generating a maximum number of sales possible.

The best marketers don’t publish their content on Linkedin and pray it catches momentum and starts getting a big number of likes and comments.

They use a set of tools and strategies to accomplish awesome results, all the time.

We’ve prepared the eight best LinkedIn automation tools and how you can use them to get new leads.

We’ll cover the following tools:

  • Lempod
  • Skylead
  • Phantombuster
  • Expandi
  • Zopto
  • Lead Connect
  • TexAu
  • Octopus

With so many Linkedin automation tools that lack vital features, that are not safe, or are challenging to use, we’re here to help you finally crush your goals using Linkedin automation tools.

It’s important to use the correct Linkedin automation tools to avoid getting banned permanently.

You don’t want that to happen, right?

A Few Quick Tips to Watch out for When Choosing a Tool

Before we show you all those LinkedIn automation tools, let’s get into what you should watch out for when choosing the right tool for yourself.

These are the criteria:

It must be safe

Various tools can help you grow your business if you use them properly.

However, some tools are forbidden by LinkedIn because of their unsafe activities and attempting LinkedIn manipulation.

Before you get excited about any of the LinkedIn automation tool’s features, it’s important to check if that tool is safe for use and that it won’t cause you any problems in the future.

It must support your needs

You shouldn’t use the tool because of its beautiful design, or because it has many features you won’t need. If the tool’s features don’t support your needs, then it’s not the tool for you.

Before you get it, check what all of your options are and which tools have the right features that you’ll use for your business.

Reasonable plans and price

There are always cheap and expensive tools with little to no differences in functionality.

It’s best to do a comparative analysis of potential tools before deciding to buy any of them.

To simplify that process for you, we’ll recommend 8 of our favorite LinkedIn automation tools in detail to help you make the best decision.

So, let’s get started!

Lempod – LinkedIn Automation Tool for Getting More Post Views

Why use lempod?

Lempod is a LinkedIn automation tool that helps you increase your LinkedIn post views so you can reach an audience up to 10 times bigger with your content.

How does it work?

Lempod is the biggest LinkedIn Engagement Pods marketplace where other content creators can automatically support each other’s posts with mutual engagement.

LinkedIn classifies your content as awesome when your content gets hundreds of likes and comments in the first 24 hours and boosts it to reach a bigger audience.

That’s what lempod helps you utilize.

How to get started?

We all know getting a ton of views on Linkedin is a tough job, not to mention generating new leads and sales 😬.

I was just as discouraged until the day I started using lempod.

After using it, I started getting 10 times more views than before, and I got a lot of new traffic and new leads.

And from my experience, I realized that everyone should follow these two steps to get a lot of views on LinkedIn:

1) Create excellent content

You should be aware that there is no tool that will do magic and boost your LinkedIn posts if you’re posting bullshit. So first, try to provide some value to your network and avoid being overly salesy.

2) Get initial engagement

It doesn’t matter how great your content is if no one on LinkedIn sees it, right?

When you start creating content on Linkedin, you need to get initial engagement (likes and comments) so LinkedIn can perceive your content as awesome and start showing it to a bigger audience.

Lempod helps you do that.

To start getting tons of post views, all you have to do is:

1. Install the lempod chrome extension

2. Join pods relevant to your niche, or create your own pod

3. Start adding your LinkedIn posts to get likes and comments from other lempoders

Once you choose the relevant LinkedIn pod – just enter the “Secret Code” like we’ve shown below and wait to get accepted.

All you have to do is post on LinkedIn, add the post to lempod, and other pod members will automatically engage with it.

When your post starts being shown to their network, as a result, you can have a reach that is 10 times bigger than the number of your connections. Just as in the example below:


The pricing is simple – for each pod you join, you pay $5 per month. In case you’re creating a company-based pod to get automatic engagement from your team, that will cost you $2 per month for each colleague who joins your pod.


What is Expandi?

Expandi is one of the safest LinkedIn automation tools for lead generation and outreach on the market.

How does it work?

With Expandi you’re able to manage your whole inbox and boost customer engagement by ensuring you don’t miss a chat conversation.

In addition, by using its dynamic personalization, you can message people based on a custom variable and create sequences for the whole process, from connecting to converting.

How to use it?

To create your new campaign on Expandi, all you have to do after you create your account is to:

  1. Click New campaign
  2. Choose the type of campaign you wish to run, insert your connection request message, or some of the other possible actions
  3. Let Expandi do the rest of the work

With Expandi, you can also create sequenced campaigns, including logical actions, so that you can monitor the whole process of outreaching prospects.

Expandi’s pricing

You can try a demo of Expandi to see how it works, and if you decide to use it, this is the price:

They provide a simple plan, so there isn’t much to debate about.

Phantombuster – LinkedIn Automation Tool for Scraping

What does Phantombuster do?

PhantomBuster is a LinkedIn automation tool that helps you grow your business by automating processes and various mundane activities for multiple social media platforms including LinkedIn.

It possesses a bunch of useful features that you can use, such as the LinkedIn scraping option, building advanced workflows, and automating many other processes.

How does Phantombuster work?

PhantomBuster is the API marketplace allowing you to choose and run an action that you want it to do for a particular campaign.

The great thing about PhantomBuster is the variability and flexibility of its features.

For LinkedIn, there are 28 models of actions that you could implement in your PhantomBuster campaigns, and by using them, you can:

  • Scrape any information from LinkedIn( e.g., other LinkedIn profiles, companies, etc.)
  • Outreach the prospects (send them invitations or messages)
  • Auto-like comments, endorse, follow, post
  • Export any kind of data you’re able to find

How to use it

The first thing you have to do is:

  1. Install the extension and create your PhantomBuster account
  2. Connect PhantomBuster to your LinkedIn account
  1. Choose which Phantoms and which specific action you want to launch according to your goal
  2. Set the rest of the steps depending on the Phantoms and actions you’ve previously chosen.
  1. Click Launch to start with your campaign.

When scraping data Linkedin’s data, it takes only a few moments to do it, and after the process is finished, you can export it and use that information later.

Using PhantomBuster’s numerous features can help you automate many processes and save you a lot of your time on LinkedIn activities.

Phantombuster’s pricing

You can use the unlimited free PhantomBuster account, which allows using only one Phantom for 10 minutes a day.

PhantomBuster offers you 4 additional packages:

Their free plan is good for getting a feel of the platform but if you’re getting serious about it, go for a paid plan.

Skylead – Tool for LinkedIn Outreach and Creating Sequences

What does Skylead do?

Skylead is a cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool and an outreach tool for generating new leads that can save you up to 6 hours a day by putting tasks on autopilot.

How does this work?

Skylead enables you to easily build a strong relationship with your leads, and increase your chances of converting them by customizing messages and creating sequences for your campaign actions.

It only takes a couple of minutes to create a campaign using Skylead, and the rest of the job gets done on autopilot.

How to use it

Whether you wish to view your prospect’s profile, connect with prospects, or even send them a message, you can do it all in a single place.

It’s one of Skylead’s coolest advantages – you can add multiple steps in a single campaign, create sequences, and create the whole campaign workflow at once.

To do it quickly, all you need is to choose the type of campaign you want to start and import the required information.

After that, you get to the point of choosing actions that you want to implement in your sequence, and you can choose the Add additional step optionin order to add another action to the same campaign.

After you create your campaigns and get them started, it’s effortless to track and monitor them.

Using Skylead allows you to communicate with your prospects and leads directly from the app.

Skylead’s pricing

They offer only one package, but if you can afford it, you’ll surely love it.

Zopto – Bring leads by targeting your ideal customers on Linkedin

What is it for?

Zopto is a cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool that helps you automate your LinkedIn lead generation processes and generate new sales.

How does Zopto work?

Zopto’s automated features like connection invites, profile view generator, messages, and InMail sequences make Zopto well-known in the LinkedIn lead generation world.

Its intuitive, user-friendly interface is easy to use, even if you’re a beginner.

How to use it?

To get started using Zopto, all you have to do is:

  1. Create your Zopto account – for using it you will need to activate LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator
  2. Search for your ideal prospects and select the filter for them
  3. Choose the action you want to launch and set up its details
  4. Wait for your leads to start coming

Using Zopto allows you to use the InMail templates option to personalize messages for your ideal customers. You can simply use one of the templates whenever you want to.

With Zopto’s A/B testing feature, you can directly monitor and compare campaigns and continue with the ones that bring better results.

With the help of Zapier, you can connect your CRM and many other channels with Zopto.

Zopto’s pricing

In comparison with other similar tools, Zopto’s a bit expensive. Here is its monthly-based pricing list:

And these are its quarterly-based packages:

Lead Connect – Automate your lead generation with personalized Followups

What does Lead Connect do?

Lead Connect is a LinkedIn automation tool for outreach that saves you the effort of reaching new clients.

It helps you avoid the manual outreach strategies we all might’ve tried in the past.

How does Lead Connect work?

It’s designed for sending multiple personalized follow-ups to increase acceptance, response, and conversion rates.

Some of the LinkedIn automation tools sequences work no matter what and can’t detect replies, so the user can get confused when reading follow-ups.

To personalize your answer, Lead Connect will stop with your follow-ups and notify you when you get a reply.

How to use it

To get started using Lead Connect, all you have to do is:

  1. Install the Chrome extension
  2. Choose the type of your campaign
  3. Define your audience by importing the URL of the search or the CSV file containing the list of your prospects
  4. Setup your Invite and follow-up messages to improve your campaign results

There are also Lead Connect templates available to use depending on your package, and you can modify them for your own purpose.

Lead Connect’s pricing


What is it for?

TexAu is a LinkedIn automation tool for generating new leads by automating many processes and engaging prospects quickly and effortlessly.

TexAu helps you easily connect and engage with leads that left a comment on your post, work for a specific company, or you just found them in search results.

How does TexAu work?

With TexAu’s multiple sequence workflows you can create different actions for each of your campaigns.

TaxAu has 33 types of actions, such as:

  • LinkedIn job details scraper
  • Finding emails using LinkedIn profiles
  • Extracting group members and information about companies
  • Extracting the activities of LinkedIn users
  • Auto-liking, commenting, and following options

How to use it

To start a campaign using TexAu, you have to:

  1. Install the TexAu Cookie Extension in order to create campaigns.
  2. Choose TexAu’s recipe, which you want to use depending on your campaign. TexAu recipes are fully designed procedures that you implement in campaigns.

You can also define your own recipes by selecting which platform you want to create a recipe for.

  1. Choose the spice you want to use: they are specific actions that you want to include in your recipe.

There are also public recipes available for use, created by other users.

  1. Fill the Add inputs tab; its fields depend on the recipe that you’ve chosen or created.
  2. After you fill in all the fields, you can launch your campaign.

When your campaign is completed, you’ll be able to analyze and also download results as a CSV file.

TexAu allows integrations with Google Sheets, Lemlist, and other apps that can simplify some of your processes.

TexAu’s pricing

TexAu has a free account for newbies along with different paid upgrades:

Octopus CRM

What does Octopus do?

Octopus is a LinkedIn automation tool designed to save your time by simplifying your LinkedIn outreach activities and making your sales prospecting easier.

How does Octopus work?

With Octopus CRM you can do many actions such as:

  • Sending automated and personalized connection requests
  • Auto-viewing LinkedIn profiles of your prospects
  • Analyzing your LinkedIn campaign performance
  • Exporting data from your campaigns

Octopus is compatible with LinkedIn Premium, Sales Navigator, and Free accounts as well.

How to use it

To start using Octopus, all you have to do is:

  1. Install the extension, and choose the package you want to use when creating an account.
  1. Once you do the search on LinkedIn and find your prospects, just click on the Octopus button in the upper right corner
  1. Choose the type of campaign and how many profiles you want to send to your campaign.
  2. Setup the details of your campaign and launch it.

There’s an option to integrate your Octopus account with Zapier, and connect it with other tools that will help you speed up your LinkedIn marketing efforts.

Octopus pricing

Octopus CRM has 4 types of plans: Starter, Pro, Advanced, and Unlimited.

You can save up to 35% if you go for an annual plan, and there is also a 7-day free trial.


I hope these LinkedIn automation tools will help you start generating your new leads on autopilot.

It’s important to note that, no matter which tool you use, it should also be optimized for safety on LinkedIn and growth.

We created Lempod with those two principles in mind.

Now you can reach hundreds of thousands of people with the best LinkedIn automation tools and conquer LinkedIn!

By the way, there are some pods that we personally created to welcome you:

BONUS: Join LinkedIn Engagement Pods inside lempod with a “Secret Code”.

We’ve created the list of LinkedIn Engagement Pods on lempod with super awesome people inside.

Some of the people inside are top influencers in their sphere, so you can join pods where these high-level LinkedIn accounts create relevant content. So here we go:

SaaS Haven – All things SaaS 🚀 – The secret code is: 6129

Growth Hackers – Worldwide 🌍 – The secret code is: 6031

High-level Marketing Club 👑 – The secret code is: 1042

Startup Factory – Achieve Fast Startup Growth 🚀 – The secret code is: 3348

The HR Mastermind – Everything about Human Resources 🤓 – The secret code is: 4763

Are you ready to start?

Download the lempod chrome extension, create an account, and join your first pod today.

You’ll be surprised how effective it is at boosting your content’s reach.

Once you start using it, you’ll realize it’s a no-brainer.

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