7 LinkedIn Marketing tools for Marketers and Growth Hackers [Detailed Use Cases]

Today I gonna share with you the list of the best LinkedIn marketing tools with detailed step-by-step use cases for growth hackers and digital marketers. With these tools you can boost your LinkedIn Content views by 10x and save up to 80% of the time.

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Last Updated on 19 January 2024 by Lyn Sy

Today I’m gonna share with you the list of the best LinkedIn marketing tools with detailed step-by-step use cases for growth hackers and digital marketers. With these tools you can boost your LinkedIn Content views by 10x and save up to 80% of the time.

Are you leveraging on the available LinkedIn marketing tools in the market?

If you’ve ever posted on LinkedIn you definitely felt that it takes a lot of time to create 1 great LinkedIn post that gets views.

You can spend just a few hours to:

  • create an image for your post,
  • ask everyone to like and comment on that post to get more views,
  • reach out to every new person who engaged with your content,
  • collect all analytics

That’s a lot of time for just ONE post 😱

But, what if I tell you that you can optimize your LinkedIn marketing strategy to save at least 80% of your time by just using the right LinkedIn marketing tools? πŸ€–

A few years ago I spent (wasted) days on LinkedIn! But now I need just 20-30 minutes to make a content that reaches 100K+ people.

πŸ‘‰BTW, If you want to know my story about how I reached 100K views on LinkedIn in 30 days organically with LinkedIn Engagement Pods, read this article.

LinkedIn Marketing Tools meme
LinkedIn Automation Tools

Also to make this list full and awesome, I asked other growth hackers and top marketers in different Facebook Groups about their favorite tools.

After the conversation, I have the AMAZING list of LinkedIn marketing tools with clear use cases 😍

BTW, this is the list of LinkedIn marketing tools for marketers and growth hackers and if you want to get other lists with best tools for salespeople and recruiters once I post it, submit this super short form

LinkedIn Marketing Tools
LinkedIn Best Automation Tools

So let’s become much more productive on LinkedIn together πŸ€œπŸ€›

LinkedIn Marketing Tool To Get More Post Views – lempod

LinkedIn Marketing Tools - lempod
linkedIn engagement pod

What is it for?

lempod helps you 10X your LinkedIn post views so you can reach a much bigger audience with your content.

How does this work?

lempod is the biggest marketplace of LinkedIn Engagement Pods where other LinkedIn content makers automatically support each other with mutual engagement. So, when you get hundreds of likes and comments, LinkedIn evaluates your content as awesome and boosts it on a bigger audience.

How to use it?

If you have ever tried to post on LinkedIn, you definitely felt that it’s tough to get a lot of views there.

I’m not even talking about sales or leads – it almost looks impossible 😬

I was that person who thought like this until one day.

The day when I reached 30K views with my content and got a lot of traffic -> leads.

LinkedIn Marketing Tools - lempod
LinkedIn Post Views

Of course, it doesn’t look like “OMG HOW MANY VIEWS”, but for the account with 3K connections it’s still a huge result.

After that time, I dived deeper into LinkedIn content creation game. And from my experience, you should follow 2 points to get a lot of views on LinkedIn:

1) Create great content

Let’s be honest there is no tool that will make magic and boost your LinkedIn content if you’re posting bullshit. So try to be focused on providing value first and being not too salesy.

2) Get initial engagement

It doesn’t matter how good your content is if no one see it.

LinkedIn Marketing Tools for engagement
LinkedIn Engagement

When you just start creating LinkedIn content, you need to get initial engagement (likes and comments), so LinkedIn can know that this content is awesome, and start showing it to a bigger audience.

lempod does it.

You post on LinkedIn, add it to lempod and other lempoders automatically engage with it. After it your post starts showing to their network, and as a result you can have the reach which is 10x more than your number of connections.

LinkedIn marketing tools lempod
How to get initial LinkedIn engagement

To start getting results you just need to:

1. Install lempod chrome extension

2. Join relevant pods, or create your own pod

3. Start adding your LinkedIn posts to lempod to get likes and comments from lempoders

LinkedIn Marketing Tools - lempod analytics
Boost your LinkedIn post views with LinkedIn Engagement Pods

By the way, I’ve personally created my own pods here and you’re welcome to join it:

BONUS: Join LinkedIn Engagement Pods with my “Secret Code”

I’ve created the list of LinkedIn Engagement Pods on lempod with super awesome people there.

There are already top influencers in their sphere, so you can join pods where high-level LinkedIn accounts create a relevant content. So here we go:

SaaS Haven – All things SaaS πŸš€ – The secret code is: 6129

Growth Hackers – Worldwide 🌍 – The secret code is: 6031

High-level Marketing Club πŸ‘‘ – The secret code is: 1042

Startup Factory – Achieve Fast Startup Growth πŸš€ – The secret code is: 3348
The HR Mastermind – Everything about Human Resources πŸ€“ – The secret code is: 4763

Once you choose the relevant LinkedIn pod – just put the “Secret Code” here and wait until I accept you:


The price is simple – you pay $9.99 per month for each pod you join. Or if you’re creating the company pod to get automatic engagement from your team it’ll be $3.99 per month for every colleague who joined your pod.

lempod pricing
lempod pricing

LinkedIn Analytics Tool – Shield Analytics

What is it for?

Shield is a LinkedIn marketing tools that lets your track results of your content, so you can easily see what posts worked better and compare it to previous.

How does this work?

Shield gathers all stats from your profile that are hidden on LinkedIn and shows you in a super understandable way – dashboards.

How to use it?

There are just a few ways to understand how good are your LinkedIn posts:

  • In-built LinkedIn analytics – but it disappears during a few months, so you can’t compare your new post results to posts that you created 6 months ago.
LinkedIn marketing Tools – linkedin analytics
  • Shield Analytics – it shows you almost everything that you need to know about your LinkedIn content and your LinkedIn profile.

The best use case for Shield Analytics (for me) is – see the dynamics of how you get views on LinkedIn posts.

For example, you can see stats not only on 1 post, but overall for the month:

LinkedIn marketing tools - shield analytics
LinkedIn Post Analytics

This  helped me understand what posts worked well and what didn’t. So based on this analytics, I found out that:

  1. Comments are much more valuable than “Likes”

Ever heard of CFBR on LinkedIn? It looks obvious, but I found out that comments make a huge impact on whether your posts will be boosted by LinkedIn or not. Hence the popular term, Commenting For Better Reach or CFBR on LinkedIn.

So when I create the post, I add the link to lempod and create a few dozens of relevant comments, that other lempoders will automatically leave on my content.

And this is one of the hacks that helped me reached 100K views with a help of the LinkedIn marketing tools.

Linkedin marketing tools - lempod comments
LinkedIn Engagement


The price is hidden on the website, but the plan that I used costs me $10/month.

There is also a drawback – it’s hard to start using Shield. You need to request access, wait until their team reviews your request and only after all this hell, you will be able to try this analytics tool.

LinkedIn marketing tools - shield
Shield Analytics Pricing

LinkedIn Marketing Automation Tool For Almost Everything – Phantombuster

What is it for?

Phantombuster is the LinkedIn marketing tool that lets you scrape the data and automate your LinkedIn life. So you can automate a lot of actions that you did manually before. For example, you can scrape everyone who likes your post.

How does this work?

Phantombuster is the marketplace of APIs. Here you can choose what action should Phantombuster do, and set it up here.

How to use it?

Have you ever heard about Phantombuster?

If not, just believe me, this is one of the best Growth Hacking tools that lets you do almost everything.

And when I’m saying “almost everything”, I’m not joking at all.

For example, Grow-force team generated 700+ leads  with 0 budget by using Phantombuster.

There are 28 different actions you can do on LinkedIn with PhantomBuster.

LinkedIn marketing tools - PhantomBuster
LinkedIn Automation by Phantombuster

But today I gonna share one of my favorite approaches – “Reach out to everyone who engaged with your content”.

Why it’s better than just typical cold outreach?

Just because people liked your post, so they know who you are (at least they have “I saw this guy before and he shared awesome content” in their mind). That builds the first trust, so they are ready to read your message and accept your request.

So here we go:


Go to Phantombuser LinkedIn Post Likers API and click on “Use this API”

LinkedIn Marketing Tools - Phantombuster for LinkedIn post likers
Reach out to people who liked your LinkedIn Post


Click on “three dots” – it’s the API Configuration Menu where we need to set up everything.

LinkedIn Marketing Tools - Phantom Buster
Set up LinkedIn Automation Tool


a) Install Phantombuster Chrome Extension .

b) Fill the “Session Cookie” row by clicking on “Get Cookies From LinkedIn” button (which appears after you install Phantombuster Chrome Extension).

c) Add a link to the post where you want to scare everyone who liked this post.

d) Run it!

LinkedIn marketing tools - PhantomBuster
Set up LinkedIn Marketing Automation tool – Phantombuster


To copy the link to the post, just click on three dots and click on “Copy link to post”

The best posts for this are viral posts with lots of likes.

Just to remind you, if you want to make your posts viral you can use lempod LinkedIn marketing tool and boost your posts with likes/comments from other content makers.

LinkedIn Marketing Tools
Boost your LinkedIn Post


Once this process is finished, click on “Download/get link” to save results.

LinkedIn Marketing Tools - PhantomBuster
LinkedIn Automation Tools


Now you have the list of people who liked your LinkedIn post.

LinkedIn Marketing Tools - list of people who engaged with your post
The list of people who liked your LinkedIn Post

What’s next?

Connect with all of them with one of the LinkedIn Automation Tools.


Phantombuster has a Free plan, so you can easily use it on small tasks. But paid plans start from $30/month.

LinkedIn Marketing Tools - PhantomBuster pricing
Phantombuster pricing

LinkedIn Scraping And Automation Tools: Growthlead / Phantombuster

LinkedIn Marketing Tools - Growthlead
Growthlead on LinkedIn

What is it for?

Save your time and automatically connect with your target audience with a custom message on LinkedIn.

How does this work?

Growthlead is the LinkedIn marketing tool that connects to your LinkedIn account and send messages on your behalf. Moreover, to keep everything safety they do it like a human, so these tools don’t send all messages during 10 minutes (because you as a human can’t do that), so they split everything by small parts.

How to use it?

You can do a lot of things with LinkedIn Automation. For example, you can search your target audience on LinkedIn and automatically connect with them, you can message your users on autopilot, and of course, you can reach out to everyone who engaged with your post.

And this is what I’m gonna share now (this is one of my favorite use cases, and works pretty well with Phantombuster’s Likes Scraping API)

LinkedIn marketing tools meme
LinkedIn Reach

There are two main goals of doing this kind of outreach with Linkedin marketing tools:

  1. Increase the network with relevant people, so they will see your next posts again and again (since we’re becoming friends on LinkedIn)
  2. Someone is your potential client right there and right now. So you can catch them with proactive actions.

There are dozens of other LinkedIn marketing tools like LinkedIn Helper, Leonard and others that can help you to automate a lot of processes.

But the problem is, that these LinkedIn marketing tools (such as LinkedIn Helper for example), are watched by LinkedIn, so you can easily get banned.

linkedIn marketing tools - caution to not get banned
LinkedIn Automation Cons

So today, I’m sharing the tool that I personally use and if I face any issues with Growhtlead I’ll update this article quickly πŸ™‚

So to automate your LinkedIn outreach with Growthlead LinkedIn marketing tool, you need to:


Request access on GrowthLead.io since they don’t have a direct free trial.


Create a connection message that will be sent to people who liked your LinkedIn post.

I personally used this one:

“Heyo {first_name}!

Thanks a lot for your “like” on my post about X

Hope we can share the experience with each other and be helpful,

Let’s connect here!


LinkedIn marketing tools - growthlead
Send Custom Message to LinkedIn Users


a) Go to Campaigns and create a new Campaign

b) Choose the custom message you’ve just created in “Connection Message” block

c) Add people who liked your posts with .CSV file (that you’ve created with Phantombuster in the use case before) by clicking on “Add Members button”.

d) Run the campaign!

LinkedIn marketing tools - growthlead
LinkedIn automation

What’s in result?

With this template I got:

85-90% of people accept your LinkedIn requests

30-35% of people reply

LinkedIn Marketing Tools - outreach
LinkedIn Connection Massage

What’s important in this template – I don’t want to SELL anything, I just want to build relationships with other people.

It’s muuuch better than just doing a cold outreach. And it’s obvious, because people already saw you and they trust you.


Growthlead’s pricing starts from $99. It’s not the cheapest option on the market, but it’s easy-to-use and have some interesting features like “Zapier Integration” so you can automate your workflow with your CRM.

LinkedIn marketing tools - Growthlead pricing


As I said before, you can do the same flow with different tools, and the one that people recommend and I also use is Phantombuster.

LinkedIn Marketing Tools - PhantomBuster recommendation
Phantombuster for LinkedIn

Here is a quick guide on how to automate your LinkedIn outreach with this tool:


a) Go to LinkedIn Network Booster

b) Open API Configuration Menu by clicking on three dots


a) Install Phantombuster Chrome Extension (if it’s still not installed)

b) Fill the “Session Cookie” row by clicking on “Get Cookies From LinkedIn” button (which appears after you install Phantombuster Chrome Extension)

c) Add the link to the Google Sheet Document where you have the list of people who liked your post

d) Enter the name of the column (from your Google Sheet Document)

e) Prepare a message that Phantombuster will send to your

LinkedIn marketing tools - PhantomBuster
LinkedIn Automation Tool – Phantombuster

We’ve prepared the fullest LinkedIn Marketing Checklist – that will help you find the weak points you should improve in your LinkedIn marketing. Get it here.

Create LinkedIn Post Images Easily – Crello

LinkedIn Marketing Tools - Crello
Create an image on LinkedIn 

What is it for?

Crello is the LinkedIn marketing tools that helps you create images for your Social Media much-much faster.

How does this work?

Crello is a Photoshop for dummies, it’s a super easy-to-use tool that lets you do a basic image formatting.

How to use it?

People love funny and nice images.

I love, all my friends love (except one guy, nothing special, he is just super boringπŸ˜…).

It’s also the the same for other social media people. Nice and funny images catch attention.

For example:

LinkedIn Marketing Tools for creating nice images
Images on LinkedIn

It’s bright, it’s colorful and it’s nice.

And you can say:

” Yeah, I’d love to create such a great image for my LinkedIn posts, but I don’t want to ask my designer to do that, since it’ll take YYY years…”

But what if I say you that you can create the image like this in just 20 minutes? Don’t believe me?

Ok, then try Crello.

It’s a super easy-to-use tool that lets you create images in seconds. It’s kinda Photoshop for dummies (like I am).

LinkedIn Marketing Tools - Crello
Create LinkedIn Images

So just find an awesome template (or create your own) and customize it with your own images, texts and colors.

By the way, if you need to insert someone without background, I highly recommend you Remove.bg. This is the tool that removes background from your photos and leave you with just a person:

LinkedIn Marketing Tools - Remove.bg
Create nice images on LinkedIn


There is a free version (that I personally use) and in this case, the free plan is enough. But if you need any premium features, it starts from $7.99/month.

LinkedIn marketing tools - Crello pricing
Crello Pricing

Create Videos On LinkedIn Faster – Loom

What is it for?

Loom is the LinkedIn marketing tool that help you to create engaging videos faster for your social media.

How does this work?

You install Chrome Extensions and can record your web camera and screen.

How to use it?

There is just 1 thing that people love more than images – videos.

Yeah, we live in the 21st century when everyone tries to spend 5 mins to watch video rather than 20 mins to read a long text. Of course, there are some excuses, for example the article you’re reading right now.

But overall, people like videos.

LinkedIn Marketing Tools - type of content
LinkedIn Videos

So, you need to create videos for your LinkedIn content as well!

You may say:

“Ha! It’s easier to say than to do”

But I’d say you:

“Yes, unless you use Loom”.

This is a super easy-to use LinkedIn marketing tool that lets you record videos from your webcam and your screen. Just install Loom Chrome Extension, click on it and start recording a video.

That’s it.

LinkedIn Marketing Tools - Loom
Create LinkedIn Videos


What’s the most sweeties in Loom? It’s free. But if you need Pro version, paid plans start from $10/month.

LinkedIn marketing tools - loom pricing
Loom pricing

LinkedIn Scheduling Tool – Buffer

What is it for?

Buffer is the LinkedIn marketing tool for scheduling your posts, so you won’t miss the time when you want make your content live.

How does this work?

You connect your LinkedIn Account to Buffer and prepare and schedule posts there. When time comes, Buffer posts on LinkedIn on your behalf.

How to use it?

  1. Install Buffer and add your LinkedIn account.
  2. Prepare your post that you want to post on LinkedIn
LinkedIn Marketing Tools - Buffer
LinkedIn Scheduling Tool

3. Choose the time when it should be posted.

LinkedIn marketing tool - Buffer
LinkedIn Scheduling Tool 2020


Buffer is a free tool, but there are much more features in Paid versions. Pro plan starts from $15/month.

LinkedIn Marketing Tools - Buffer Pricing
LinkedIn Schedule Tool Pricing Buffer

Looking for more Linkedin tools? Check this list.


Now you can conquer LinkedIn and reach hundreds of thousands of people with the best LinkedIn marketing tools!

So you have the list of LinkedIn marketing tools to:

Create awesome content -> Post it at the best time -> Make it viral with LinkedIn Engagement Pods -> Scrape and reach out to everyone who liked your post -> Analyze how your content is working!

Best LinkedIn Marketing Tools

If you want to boost your posts with lempod, I’ve created my own pods, so you can easily join them (with a secret code):

Just install lempod Chrome Extension and enter this Secret Code to join the pod:

Sales Pros Pod πŸ† –  Secret Code – 9899

Growth Marketers Pod πŸ’₯ – Secret Code 1569

Recruitment and Hiring experts 😎 – Secret Code 0496

Digital Marketing Family πŸš€ – Secret Code 9523

IT Founders & Start-upsπŸ”₯- Secret Code 6526

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