Top 7 LinkedIn chrome extensions you MUST try in 2020

There is a guide on how to use the best 7 LinkedIn Chrome extensions in 2020. For marketing, generating leads and prospecting.

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LinkedIn becomes the best place for sales & marketing in 2020😱.

And here is a few whys:

  • LinkedIn boosts content makers, so you can reach much bigger audience (comparing to FB, Twitter or Youtube);
  • There are lots of prospecting tools that can help you with automation (there is no such a great tool for Facebook)

There are hundreds of tools for LinkedIn, but I’ll show you 7 top LinkedIn Chrome extensions for 2020 (with detailed use cases on how to use it 🤖).

LinkedIn Chrome Extensions
LinkedIn Chrome Extensions

1. lempod

LinkedIn Marketing Tools - lempod
linkedIn engagement pod

What is it for?

lempod helps you 10X your LinkedIn post views so you can reach a much bigger audience with your content.

How does this work?

lempod is the biggest marketplace of LinkedIn Engagement Pods where other LinkedIn content makers automatically support each other with mutual engagement. So, when you get hundreds of likes and comments, LinkedIn evaluates your content as awesome and boosts it on a bigger audience.

How to use it?

If you have ever tried to post on LinkedIn, you definitely felt that it’s tough to get a lot of views there.

I’m not even talking about sales or leads – it almost looks impossible 😬

I was that person who thought like this until one day.

The day when I reached 30K views with my content and got a lot of traffic -> leads.

LinkedIn Marketing Tools - lempod
LinkedIn Post Views

Of course, it doesn’t look like “OMG HOW MANY VIEWS”, but for the account with 3K connections it’s still a huge result.

After that time, I dived deeper into LinkedIn content creation game. And from my experience, you should follow 2 points to get a lot of views on LinkedIn:

1) Create great content

Let’s be honest there is no tool that will make magic and boost your LinkedIn content if you’re posting bullshit. So try to be focused on providing value first and being not too salesy.

2) Get initial engagement

It doesn’t matter how good your content is if no one see it.

LinkedIn Marketing Tools for engagement
LinkedIn Engagement

When you just start creating LinkedIn content, you need to get initial engagement (likes and comments), so LinkedIn can know that this content is awesome, and start showing it to a bigger audience.

lempod does it.

You post on LinkedIn, add it to lempod and other lempoders automatically engage with it. After it your post starts showing to their network, and as a result you can have the reach which is 10x more than your number of connections.

LinkedIn marketing tools lempod
How to get initial LinkedIn engagement

To start getting results you just need to:

1. Install lempod chrome extension

2. Join relevant pods, or create your own pod

3. Start adding your LinkedIn posts to lempod to get likes and comments from lempoders

LinkedIn Marketing Tools - lempod analytics
Boost your LinkedIn post views with LinkedIn Engagement Pods

By the way, I’ve personally created my own pods here and you’re welcome to join it:

SaaS Haven – All things SaaS 🚀 – The secret code is: 6129

Growth Hackers – Worldwide 🌍 – The secret code is: 6031

High-level Marketing Club 👑 – The secret code is: 1042

Startup Factory – Achieve Fast Startup Growth 🚀 – The secret code is: 3348

The HR Mastermind – Everything about Human Resources 🤓 – The secret code is: 4763

Here is how to join a pod with secret codes:

lempod join LinkedIn Engagement Pods
lempod join LinkedIn Engagement Pods


The price is simple – you pay $5 per month for each pod you join. Or if you’re creating the company pod to get automatic engagement from your team it’ll be $2 per month for every colleague who joined your pod.

2. Shield Analytics

What is it for?

Shield is a LinkedIn marketing tools that lets your track results of your content, so you can easily see what posts worked better and compare it to previous.

How does this work?

Shield gathers all stats from your profile that are hidden on LinkedIn and shows you in a super understandable way – dashboards.

How to use it?

There are just a few ways to understand how good are your LinkedIn posts:

  • In-built LinkedIn analytics – but it disappears during a few months, so you can’t compare your new post results to posts that you created 6 months ago.
  • Shield Analytics – it shows you almost everything that you need to know about your LinkedIn content and your LinkedIn profile.
LinkedIn marketing Tools – linkedin analytics

The best use case for Shield Analytics (for me) is – see the dynamics of how you get views on LinkedIn posts.

For example, you can see stats not only on 1 post, but overall for the month:

LinkedIn marketing tools - shield analytics
LinkedIn Post Analytics

This  helped me understand what posts worked well and what didn’t. So based on this analytics, I found out that:

  1. Comments are much more valuable than “Likes”

It looks obvious, but I found out that comments make a huge impact on whether your posts will be boosted by LinkedIn or not. Thus, I started to create a lot of customized comments on lempod.

So when I create the post, I add the link to lempod and create a few dozens of relevant comments, that other lempoders will automatically leave on my content.

And this is one of the hacks that helped me reached 100K views with a help of the LinkedIn marketing tools.

Linkedin marketing tools - lempod comments
LinkedIn Engagement


The price is hidden on the website, but the plan that I used costs me $10/month.

There is also a drawback – it’s hard to start using Shield. You need to request access, wait until their team reviews your request and only after all this hell, you will be able to try this analytics tool.

LinkedIn marketing tools - shield
Shield Analytics Pricing

3. Crystal

Crystal Knows LinkedIn Chrome Extension
Crystal Knows LinkedIn Chrome Extension 

What is it for?

Crystal LinkedIn Chrome extension analyzes the personality of your potential clients and partners, so you can easier build your negotiation strategy.

How does this work?

I had the same question.

How do they really understand the personality? 🧐

Here is their answer:

“Crystal uses Personality AI to accurately identify anyone’s behavioral patterns by analyzing text samples, assessment responses, and other attributes.

It then uses that information to facilitate more effective communication, stronger one-on-one relationships, and better decision-making.”

How to use it?

If you’ve ever had a negotiations with super important (even S-U-P-E-R) partners, investors or clients – you know that all details matter 😬

You might be nervous even about small things:

LinkedIn Chrome Extensions
LinkedIn Chrome Extensions

And I totally understand you – you need to make a good first impression.

It can cost you millions of $ 😱

And if you’re well prepared to such a conversation, you chances grow dramatically.

This is what exactly Crystal does:

  1. You instal chrome extension
  2. Sign up
  3. And now you have a “Crystal button” and by clicking on it, you’ll be able to know the personality of a lead, partner or investor.
Crystal knows chrome extension
Crystal knows chrome extension

You can say:

“Ok, but how exactly it should help me?!”

Great question, and what if I say you:

Crystal recommends you on what words to use to make a great first impression, or schedule a meeting or negotiate.

Crystal knows how to use
Crystal knows how to use


I use Crystal only in super important conversations, so free plan (10 profiles/ month) is totally enough for me.

But if you want to unlock all premium features, you’ll need to pay $29/month.

Crystal Knows LinkedIn extension pricing
Crystal Knows LinkedIn extension pricing

4. Loom

Loom Chrome Extension
Loom Chrome Extension

What is it for?

Loom is a great plugin for your Chrome that lets you record simple videos easily. So you don’t need to write huge about of text, now you can just record a quick 30-seconds video and share it with a simple link.

How does this work?

It’s super easy:

  1. you install Loom Chrome extension;
  2. click on the “loom icon” when you want to record a video;
  3. choose what you want to record (your screen, your face, or both)
  4. click “start” and that’s it.

How to use it?

There are 2 cases in which I use lempod:

  • I need to create a video content for my posts;
  • I need to send a private message to leads or partners.

So let’s start with the first case:

  1. You create a video
  2. But you don’t share the link to the video, since LinkedIn will cut the reach of this post. It’s better to download the video on your PC or Mac and then upload it to LinkedIn, so it’ll look like this:
Loom Chrome Extension for posts
Loom Chrome Extension for posts

In order to do that:

  1. Go to and click on “Download button”
Loom LinkedIn Chrome Extension
Loom LinkedIn Chrome Extension

2.  Add a video to LinkedIn post

Add a video to LinkedIn
Add a video to LinkedIn 

When it comes to the 1-on-1 conversations, I’d recommend you share just a link to the video.

It’ll show the preview + the name of the video, and every person will understand that it’s 100% personalized and was recorded for them specifically:

Loom Chrome Extension for Linkedin
Loom Chrome Extension for Linkedin 


I also use Loom for free, since it’s enough for me + I’m an early adopter, so I have an opportunity to create tons of videos for free.

But if you feel that you want to buy premium version, it’ll cost you $10/month.

loom pricing
loom pricing

5. Polls for LinkedIn

Polls for LinkedIn - Chrome Extension
Polls for LinkedIn – Chrome Extension

What is it for?

It’s super simple – “Polls for LinkedIn” helps you create polls for LinkedIn 😱

Whenever you want to ask your audience about something, you can create a simple and easy-to-use poll.

How does this work?

  1. You install a Chrome extension
  2. “Create a poll” button appears
  3. You click on it, and have an ability to make a poll (the same as on Facebook or Twitter)

How to use it?

As I said above, it’s a super simple tool, you just create a poll:

LinkedIn Chrome Extension - LinkedIn polls
LinkedIn Chrome Extension – LinkedIn polls

Prepare questions and answers people can use:

LinkedIn Polls
LinkedIn Polls

Click on “Next” button, and that’s it.

Now people can go through the link and answer the poll.

LinkedIn Polls
LinkedIn Polls 


Since I don’t use a lot of polls, it’s free for me.

6. Dux Soup/ LinkedHelper/ Meetleonard


These tools are dangerous to use, since LinkedIn can detect and block such an automation. 😬

You can check the list of dangerous LinkedIn automation tools here.

But I’ll share the LinkedIn automation tool, which is super safe to use.

What is it for?

These extensions help you with outreaching people on autopilot. So you will connect with everyone without a manual work.

I put all of them here, since they are all almost the same.

How does this work?

You install Chrome extension and have a list of options, such as “Auto-visit”/ “Auto-connect” and so on.

How to use it?

You install the tool and:

  1. Choose people you want to connect with;
  2. Click on “Auto-connect”;
  3. Prepare the custom message;
  4. Wait until people accept your connection requests.


Starts from 10$.

Safe alternative to DuxSoup / LinkedHelper / Meetleonard and other LinkedIn automation Chrome extensions:

There are a few tools that are much safer, like:

  • Growthlead;
  • Zopto;
  • Expandi.

I personally use Expandi, so I’ll share some more info about it:

Expandi is the tool for LinkedIn lead generation and outreach. Just like you have tools for email outreach and cold email campaigns, you also have Expandi so you can expand your outreach on LinkedIn as well.

If you use it right – LinkedIn can be a huge gold mine for your businesses. Once you set your outreach campaigns, they’ll work like the well-oiled machine and bring you the new leads constantly.

Don’t be worried about your LinkedIn account if you’re using Expandi.

Expandi is the cloud solution, and getting banned from LinkedIn is impossible.

7. Lusha

Lusha LinkedIn Chrome Extension
Lusha LinkedIn Chrome Extension

What is it for?

Lusha helps you in finding emails and phone numbers of (almost) anyone on LinkedIn.

How does this work?

They match “Name” of the person + “Domain”. And using lots of  databases find the most probable emails and phone number.

This is what Lusha says about how they find contact info:

“In order to provide you with this service and match the relevant information from our database with applicable profiles you view on supported sites, we need to read certain words (such as full name and company name) from such sites you view when you use our service.

We store the data in our servers temporarily and delete it after providing you with the service. This data is not added to our database.”

By the way, there are lots of other cool email finder tools.

How to use it?

Once you install Lusha LinkedIn Chrome extension you will have a new button:

Lusha Chrome Extension
Lusha Chrome Extension

By clicking on it, you’ll get personal data (I don’t use a real screenshot to avoid mentioning personal data in the article):


There is a free plan, but it’s not enough at all. The paid plan starts with 75$/month:

Lusha pricing
Lusha pricing


There are lots of different LinkedIn Chrome Extensions that will help you in sales and marketing:

  1. lempod for boosting your LinkedIn post views;
  2. Shiled for analyzing your LinkedIn;
  3. Crystal for discovering what to write to people;
  4. Loom for recording simple videos;
  5. Polls for making polls on LinkedIn;
  6. DuxSoup for LinkedIn outreach (or Expandi, if you’re looking for a safer tool);
  7. Lusha for finding emails.

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