Simple monthly pricing

Choose do you want to use lempod at your company? Or find and join public pods.



per pod

  • Join several pods
  • 1 post per 24 hours
  • Create your own pod (up to 100 members)
  • Cancel anytime
  • Chat support
  • Analytics

Private Business Pod


per user in a pod

  • Create your Company pod
  • Pay for all members in a pod
  • Cancel anytime
  • Chat support
  • Analytics

Your questions... answered!

Can I cancel my plan anytime?
Yes of course. Just go to your billing page and click on "Cancel" or leave all pods.
Can I upgrade/downgrade whenever I want?
Absolutely. Note that lempod uses prorate model. Check how our billing system works.
What's the difference between plans?
It's easy.
If you are on Individual plan ($5) you'll pay for each public individual pod you join or create.
If you are on Company plan ($2) the admin (person who created this pod) will pay $2 for each member of this pod (it's great for companies).
Are there any free pods?
No, we don't have free free trials or pods.
Are there any limitations?
You can share only 1 post per 24 hours.
You can share it to as many pods as you want, but only once per 24 hours.
We did it to keep your account safe.


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How people benefit from lempod

Our users loving us is our biggest reward

Jeremy Goillot
Head of Growth @ Spendesk

lempod help us attract top talents!

"Thanks to lempod, all our employees engage automatically on our posts on LinkedIn which results in a huge reach when we post job offers! Thanks to that, we were able to attract top talent to fuel our growth at Spendesk."

Install lempod & join 1000+ different LinkedIn Engagement Pods

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