The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Marketing in 2020🚀

As a result of our 6-month research, we're showing you how to reach millions of people without spending a single dollar on LinkedIn Ads.

About this LinkedIn Book ❤️

Look - we've all been there. You spend 30 minutes crafting an amazing LinkedIn post and another 30 minutes on finding a perfect image - but at the end - you don't have any results.

It's frustrating. All of us experienced that.

LinkedIn game is very hard to master. It’s overwhelming, exhausting and even the smallest mistake can lead to a lot of negative situations for you and for your brand 😰

Over the last 6 months - lempod team experimented a lot on LinkedIn.

That's why we decided to share this LinkedIn Book with you. Full guide on how to do LinkedIn Marketing in 2020 is there.

From A to Z 🚀

From optimizing your LinkedIn profile, over doing cold LinkedIn outreach to becoming VIRAL.

Proven tactics & strategies 🙌

After the 6-month testing of different LinkedIn strategies and tactics, we managed to get these results - and with this LinkedIn Book - you will as well!





What will you find inside this LinkedIn Book?

    1. How to optimize your LinkedIn Profile for Conversions
    2. Best LinkedIn Profile SEO practices
    3. How to post on LinkedIn for the best engagement
    4. How to reach millions of people on LinkedIn without paying for ads
    5. How to find and Join LinkedIn Engagement Pods
    6. How to do cold outreach on LinkedIn
    7. How to get over 1300 customers on LinkedIn
    8. How to automate different tasks on LinkedIn
    9. How to do marketing of LinkedIn company pages
    10. Best LinkedIn Growth Hacks the world has ever seen.
    11. Best LinkedIn Tools you should use

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Digital Content Officer
@ Etihad Airways ✈️

You know you don't have to worry about a person being a sellout when you about him from a trusted source. You might not know anyone in common with Ilya, but take my word, read some of his blog posts, or even better join the community. The guy is trying to share all his learnings honestly.


Co-founder @ KOAHdigital
& The Growth Hack Show | ex-Paddle 💵

Thought-Leadership is so important, LinkedIn is where creating this is possible and at its heart is content creation.

Having discovered the guys over at Lem, I know understand the unspoken rules of LinkedIn content creation from profile optimisation through to the optimal posts! Thanks for putting me on the path to accelerating my LinkedIn thought-leadership!

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