Leverage your colleagues' network to boost your LinkedIn reach

With lempod your LinkedIn posts will see 10X your colleagues connections

Your teammates will automatically engage with your LinkedIn posts


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Create Company Pod on lempod

You can create pod for your Company, so nobody will be able to find it except your colleagues

Automate getting likes from your colleagues

Leverage your company's network to boost your content

Invite your colleagues to join it

Invite your colleagues by sending them lempod chrome extension and a secret code to join

Don't have anyone from outside

Manage the group with only teammates




per user in a pod monthly

  • Create your company pod
  • Pay for all members in a pod
  • Invite unlimited amount of colleagues to your pod
  • Chat support
  • Analytics
  • Cancel anytime

How people benefit from lempod

Our users loving us is our biggest reward

Vaibhav Sisinty
Marketing Manager @ UBER

Put your LinkedIn posts on steroids with lempod

"I've been using lempod to promote my content on LinkedIn and the results were amazing! Thanks to the power of the lempod community, my posts got between 4 to 6 times more engagement!"

Jeremy Goillot
Head of Growth @ Spendesk

lempod help us attract top talents!

"Thanks to lempod, all our employees engage automatically on our posts on LinkedIn which results in a huge reach when we post job offers! Thanks to that, we were able to attract top talent to fuel our growth at Spendesk."

Stapho Thienpont
Founder of TMF

We get 3 times more leads with lempod

"lempod is an amazing tool to get more reach on LinkedIn! LinkedIn was already a great platform to generate leads but now that we're using lempod, the number of leads we get has tripled!"

Install lempod & join 1000+ different LinkedIn Engagement Pods

Increase your LinkedIn reach easily.