How to block someone on LinkedIn in 2020? – lempod answers

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Linkedin is a great platform for growing your brand, find new connections and network.

But what if some user becomes too annoying and there is a need to cut off communications with him? Here is when blocking a user becomes a good option.

So here is how to block someone on Linkedin in 2020.

How to block people on LinkedIn:

1) Open the profile of the user you want to block
2) Click on “More…” button
3) Select “Report/Block” from the drop-down list

4) Click on “Block [member name]

5) Select “Block” to proceed

Once you block the member – you will no longer be connected. This person won’t receive the notification of blocking.

Note: You will also loose endorsements and recommendations from this LinkedIn user.

How to unblock someone on LinkedIn:

1) Click on “Me” icon on the top of the page near your photo
2) Select “Settings & Privacy

3) Find and click on “Blocking” section

4) Find the person you want to unblock and click “Unblock” near the name

And that’s it. Now you will be able to search for this user and this member will be also able to find, connect and message you on Linkedin.

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