How lempod works

Get more likes and increase your engagement and reach on LinkedIn

  • Step 1. Install lempod

    lempod is a chrome extension that helps to improve your linkedin engagement with likes and comments from other Linkedin members

  • Step 2. Join Engagement pods 😎

    Find groups of relevant people with the help of keywords and tags: location, industry, language, interestes, etc and join them

  • Step 3. Add your Linkedin post to lempod

    Add your post to several pods to receive even more engagement from other Linkedin users

  • Step 4. Start getting tons of likes and views 😍

    Start receiving lots of likes and comments from other Linkedin users and see how your post views x10.

Your questions... answered!

Who will like and comment on my posts?

You will receive engagement from other real Linkedin members who decided to help each other with mutual likes and comments.

Should I like and comment manually in return?

No, everything is automated so you won't need to do anything manually.

Can I just give "likes" and not comment on other posts from my own profile?

Yes, you can switch auto commenting mode in every pod you joined. It won't influence the engagement on your own posts.

Can I decide what comments will other users leave on my post?

Absolutely. While adding your post to lempod one of the steps will be to add your own customized list of comments that other members will leave on your posts.

Can I receive only likes on my posts?

Yes, you can.

Can I leave a pod if I don't like it?

Sure. You can leave and join pods whenever you like.

Install lempod & join 1000+ different LinkedIn Engagement Pods

Increase your LinkedIn reach easily