✔ Incident Resolved – Graph Updates – February 25, 2022

Incident Resolved. Graph updates were significately delayed. Engagements were not affected.

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Last Updated on 13 March 2022 by Lempod

Feb 25, 2022
12:43am UTC

A handful of customers are not seeing graph updates

12:34pm UTC

Significant numbers of customers are now being affected. Investigations are continuing.

1:02pm UTC

A potential root cause has been identified.

1:31pm UTC

A configuration change is being attempted which will confirm the root cause.

1:33pm UTC

We have confirmed that the issue traces back to a code change that was made 6 days ago. the symptoms have only now surfaced due to increased load on Lempod, which we assume is because of the unusually high number of new Lempod users.

1:41pm UTC

Issue resolved. The change made 6 days ago allows us to easily and quickly implement a fix using a configuration change rather than a code change.

Engagements were not affected, only graph updates.

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